Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When your almost 7 year old is wise beyond her years..

I rarely find time to blog these days.  It turns out that raising these Rosebushes and working full time consumes most of my time.   Something happened last week that I didn't want to just tell the world in a Facebook post.  

Emma's 7th birthday is coming up quickly.   Really quickly.   I thought they were only supposed to come once a year,   there's no way it's been a year.  Right?  We originally told Emma that she wasn't going to have a big party this year with all her friends.   We are taking a trip to Disney shortly after her birthday so I didn't want the stress of getting vacation ready and planning a party.  Emma didn't seem super upset by this but she did ask very politely if maybe I'd reconsider and let her have a taekwondo party with her classmates and friends.   I don't know why I reconsidered.   Maybe it was because I felt bad she was in a new class without her BFF'S.  Maybe it's because she caught me on a good day.   Maybe it was a full moon.   Most likely it's because my kids are really really spoiled.  Whatever the reason, I caved in.   I arranged a party at our taekwondo place.   It's fairly cheap and they clean up so what did I have to lose.

Now this is where the birthday party gets interesting.   Fred and I were asking what she wanted for her birthday.  She named a few things but said she just wanted to buy a few things at Disney.   She then says that she wants to do something to help people for her birthday.   Hmmm.. like what?   She says that she has a lot of stuff and doesn't really need more.  She said she doesn't have room for more stuff.   So she asked if she could donate stuff to Make-A-Wish.   I was so moved my this.  How can this selfish little creature be thinking so unselfishly?   Where did this come from?   I wasn't sure but I did not want to discourage her.   I suggested that maybe she tell her friends to bring toys for Make-A-Wish or Kosair Children's Hospital instead of gifts for her.  I thought for sure she would scoff at the idea.   I mean what kid doesn't want presents for their birthday.   Heck, I still like presents on my birthday!   Her face lit up.   She got very excited and said that she would love to give toys to the hospital. WHAT?   Who is this kid?  She said that sometimes kids get stuck in the hospital and that's not much fun.   Since she was healthy and having a fun party she wanted other kids to smile.   She looked at me and said "Mom, I have a lot.  I do fun things all the time.   I'm going to Disney.   Some kids don't get to do that. "  I really fought the urge to cry.   How can this kid be so wise?   I agreed to let her do this if she wanted too.  I thought for sure she'd change her mind.   Fred thought she was nuts.   I just let it go.   I didn't mention it again until she asked if it was really ok to do it.   She started telling people what she had planned.   She helped me write a letter to go with her invitations so her friends knew what she wanted to do.   I looked up a list of things the hospital wants and can use and also included it with her letter.   She is so excited, giddy really.  I can't wait to take her to the hospital to drop off the stuff.   It warms my heart to see her giving so freely.  If she can sacrifice so much for an almost 7 year old what can I do?

Now before you nominate her for sainthood I want to mention that she wad very clear that her gift donation does not include the things that her parents or grandparents give her.  I mean the kid has to have some presents right?

Her party is October 10th and I hope she gets a good haul for the kids at the hospital.  Maybe she'll inspire other kids to give back too.