Friday, April 22, 2016

  Tonight she's going on a date.  She's curled her hair and put on her best dress.  She's even decided to wear some heels.He'll open doors for her and hold her hand.  She'll dance until her little feet hurt.  If he's lucky she might even let him join.  She'll smile until her face hurts and giggle the night away with her girl friends.  She and her girlfriends will probably poke fun of their dates.  It's a big night for all the girls.
   She is the center of his whole world.  She makes his face light up.  He adores her.  He's put on his best suit for her.  His shoes are shined and his tie is straight. Tonight there is no one more important than her.  He stands on the sidelines and waits to be invited to join her group of friends.  He hopes that at the end of the night she'll tell him that this is one of the best nights of her life.  If he plays his cards right he might even get a little kiss.
     He's the love of her life right now.  There aren't any boys more important than him.  The way he treats her tonight is the how she thinks girls should be treated.  This how she will expect to be treated by a boy.  One day, another boy will catch her eye.  One day, another boy will want to take on a date. She will expect that boy to open doors, pull out chairs, and treat her like she is the center of his world. She will expect to be treated with respect and cherished as every girl deserves to be.
   She's growing up so fast and the years where her daddy is her hero are flying by.  I love these days but I know in the blink of an eye she will be off to prom, college, and then before you know it she'll be dancing at her wedding.
  But tonight,  tonight, her daddy is her date and she is his little girl.  Tonight, she felt like Cinderella and precious memory was made.