Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oh Happy Day

It's been a relatively uneventful week at the Rosebush house.  If you read this blog regularly you know that is something to truly be thankful for or you may be sad because you've had nothing to laugh at.   Today was the day that things changed.   This day started out like any other but I quickly discovered that it was a big day for Emma.
Today was the day that she's been waiting for for nearly a year.  
Today was the day that she's been trying to convince me was here for six months.  
Finally, "the most exciting thing ever" happened TODAY!

I woke Emma up this morning to the usually grumbling about it being cold, early, and various other morning complaints.  Emma insists that I wake her up for school at 5 AM and she tells everyone that.  The reality is that she gets up for school at the 7:20 but that's another story entirely.  She got dressed, put on her shoes, and fixed her hair as usual.  Just before she sat down to breakfast her whole life changed.  

"Mom, I think it's loose this time"

We've been through this before.  Nearly everyday.  She tries to convince me that at least one of her teeth is loose.  She's so eager for a visit from the tooth fairy that she diligently checks each of her teeth daily, sometimes twice, for even minor movement and calls me in to double check when things seem wobbly.  Normally it's nothing.  Her beautiful, perfectly straight, little baby teeth are in there for the long haul.  Usually not even a wiggle.

Today however there appears to be a breakthrough.

Today one of those little bottom baby teeth is getting ready to leave it's place in her mouth behind.

When I confirmed that today her suspicions were correct and her tooth was loose she was over the moon.  She's been wiggling it non stop the entire day.  She can't wait for it to fall out.  She's even inquired about the toothfairy's going rate.

Despite her happiness today for me was just another reminder that my baby girl is growing up.  Seriously, I  remember when she first got that little tooth.  It seems like it was only yesterday.  

I know she's been waiting,  wishing, hoping,  and wiggling for this for awhile but I'm simply not ready.  I'm not ready for her to lose her teeth.  Soon it will be kindergarten.  Then she'll be interested in boys.  Then we will tackle high school.  Then prom.  Then college. At some point on this journey we will also have to deal with braces.  For sure braces!  Even the dentist told me to be prepared for that one because her teeth are so amazingly straight now her adult teeth will likely "need work".  These milestones, the good, the bad, and the ugly, will all come way too fast I'm sure.  Just like this loose tooth.  I.AM.NOT.READY!  I need time to slow down even it it is for just a little bit.

For now though we will keep wiggling that poor little tooth.  Oh Happy Day one is finally loose.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

You want me to what?

     Today the little Rosebushes had appointments with their pediatrician for their annual well child check ups.  Emma spent most of the day worrying about whether or not she would be getting a shot at the end of the visit.  Little did I know that there was one part of the visit that would cause more issues than a tiny needle.
     As soon as we walked into the office I went to sign in and Emma announced that she needed to pee.  The nurse at the desk heard her and informed me that we would need a urine sample today and handed me a cup.  Really, a urine sample from a 5 year old? There are so many reasons this was going to suck.  I go into the bathroom with BOTH kids.  Emma sees the cup in my hand and goes into full panic mode.  "What is that? "  "Why do I have to pee in it?" The tears start.   The whining starts.   The argument starts.   Did I mention that while I'm trying to coax my daughter into peeing in a cup that my son is running around the bathroom touching every possible surface yelling about how he needs to wash his hands?  After what seems like an eternity I have at least convinced Emma to pull her pants down and sit on the potty.  Her bladder is about to explode but still she refuses to pee. I'm squatting in front of her on the potty holding what has to be the world's smallest cup and begging her to pee.  Suddenly the lights go off and I hear Jax laughing.   "Hold on Emma! Don't pee now."  I yell.   The doctor's office has "kid friendly" lower light switches and my son had found them.  In typical 2 year old fashion he had to flip the switch.  I jumped up and flipped the switch back on and went back to my crouched position ready to catch the pee.  I open the dreaded wet wipe, every woman reading this knows about the wet wipe.   I explain to Emma that we need to wipe her "hootie" before she pees.  She agreed to let me.  I take the wipe and attempt to wipe her.  She starts screaming hysterically as if the wipe is covered in acid!   I don't know if it's because it's cold or new or because she just wanted to cry.  I'm trying to calm her down when again the bathroom goes dark.  I can't see him but I feel Jax run past me giggling.  Again I get up from my crouched position in front of Emma and head for the light switch.   This time I grab Jax by the hand before crouching back down in position to hold the cup.  So here I am holding Jax's hand while he struggles to get free and holding a tiny cup just waiting to catch some pee if Emma ever decides to let it go.  I'm totally prepared to get peed on at this point I just want this experience over with.   Jax is screaming, Emma is "scared" to pee in the cup, and my feet are falling asleep, and now I'm breaking a sweat while I plead with her to just do it.  FINALLY, she decides to pee!  I manage to catch some without getting any on me and we are done!    This whole experience from start to finish was a good 15 minutes.   I deliver the the little cup back to the desk and the nurse is smiling.  She says "how'd that go?"  I fought the urge to throat punch her and simply smiled as I walked away.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Can I get a Do Over?

   Some days go wrong.   Some days are really terrible.   Some days are today.   As usual when the little Rosebushes are involved you never know what's coming.   My day today started with vomit, lots of vomit!   Your day really has nowhere to go but up after another human empties the contents of their stomach on you.   The worst part is that when it's one of your kids you have to remain calm,  not throw up yourself,  and help your baby feel better.   Luckily the puking didn't last all day, so that was a win.
      Here is a list of other events that transpired throughout the day today.  Most of them make me just shake my head and think "only in my house."  Hopefully they will all bring joy to your day.
1.  I spent 10 minutes on a search and rescue mission for 5 little hot wheel cars.  For whatever reason my youngest Rosebush thought it would be a good idea to shove them into the cesspool of dirty diapers otherwise known as the diaper genie.  I was tempted to just chalk them up as a loss but Jax was losing his mind insisting that I get them out.
2.  I realized that we were down to just 2 rolls of toilet paper.   This is a serious EMERGENCY.   My daughter told me not to worry about it that we could just steal some from a public bathroom.  She learned this particular toilet paper replenishment technique from a certain someone that shall remain nameless but you know who you are!
3. I was informed by my 2 year old that I am rude,  more than once.  Apparently turning off the bathwater qualifies as rude in toddler eyes.
4.  I prevented my son from peeing on the dog.  He pulled off his diaper, aimed his boy parts at the dog and announced, I PEEEEEEEE!  I saved the sleeping dog just in time but my carpet took a direct hit.
5.  While giving Jax a bath I turned my back to retrieve him a towel from the closet.  I turned back around in time to see him dump an entire bucket of water onto the bathroom floor.

That was my day.  Sometimes the craziness gets to me but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.  I love my kids and I'm so lucky I have the opportunity to spend my days with them.   One day I'll miss the chaos.  One day I'll enjoy telling Jaxon's future bride about the time he tried to pee on the dog.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fred and Lydia, Soccer Coaches

    I try to keep my Rosebushes growing up healthy by encouraging them to play sports.   Jax is too young right now for sports but he'll get there soon enough.   Emma however wants to play every sport imaginable.   She has tried basketball and did well.   She is currently doing gymnastics and is doing well. She is about as coordinated as her mother which leaves a lot to be desired but she makes it work.   We just finished her first season cheerleading for our church's Upwards league.   Cheerleading was the only organized sport that I ever truly enjoyed and was good at so I had high hopes for Emma.   Maybe I even wanted to relive my cheerleading glory days through my kid BUT I don't know if she was that into it.   She told me after game 2 that it was "boring".  She stuck with it and learned to enjoy the performances but bless her heart she inherited her daddy's rhythm.  There is hope for her,  she could grow out of it.   Maybe? Hopefully!?!  Now we are starting our second season of soccer.   Soccer I believe may be her sport.   She is actually very coordinated with her little feet.   She's fast.  If we could get her to be a little more aggressive she would be the perfect little player.  This season we decided to have a little extra fun and Fred and I volunteered to coach.   I know you're all thinking that we are nuts and you would be absolutely correct.   I really thought "these kids are 5 and 6, how hard could it be? "  Tonight after our first practice with our little team it was painfully obvious that we were in over our heads.   It is worth noting that Fred and I have exactly ZERO soccer experience.  I dated a guy in high school that played soccer does that count?   These kids ran circles around us.   We tried to do some practice drills but focusing 10 kids is like herding cats.   Some of then actually are pretty coordinated and most of them have played soccer before but our biggest obstacle will be reminding them that they are all on the sane team.    We tried a little scrimmage at practice and they kept stealing the ball from each other and running in whatever direction the wind blew.   One poor kid kept rolling around muddy ground and for the life of me I don't know why.   One boy insisted that he wanted to play with his water bottle in hand. My own daughter stopped calling me mom and started calling me coach.  Another little boy politely asked me if I knew what I was doing,  more than once!  This was easily one of the longest hours of my life.   Fred and I spent a lot of time laughing at our glaring inadequacies.  We kept those little people busy for an hour and at the end they were all smiling so I guess it wasn't a total failure.     Our first game is Saturday if you'd like to come out and witness coaching greatness we'll be at the Southwest YMCA at 9:00AM.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Family Vacation.

    Growing happy  healthy Rosebushes takes a lot of work.   I am constantly chasing them around making sure they don't cause themselves or each other harm.   I make sure they are fed and washed.   I do their laundry,  their dishes,  and clean up no less than 1000 messes per day.  I plan activities for them.   I host play dates.   I read 75 stories per day.   I referee 263 pointless brother/sister squabbles. I get tired and need a break.   I think the kids get equally as tired of me and beg for a break.   That's usually when the grandparents come in!  Emma calls the grandparents and asks to come visit or be rescued.  It usually works too. Lately however she has been begging for a vacation of a different kind.

Emma - "Hey mom.  I want to go to Disney World."

Me - "Me too baby girl.   You better get a job first though.   Disney is expensive. "

Emma - Brow Furrowed "Ummmmm,  you are the adult and you don't work.   So YOU better get a job!"
Typical Emma!

Emma - "Can we take G and Grampy to Disney?"

Me - "We could ask."

Emma - "I really want to take Grammy and Pappy too.  Janie and Gillian would come too and take me to do things. "

Me - "I don't know if we could all go together.   That's a lot of people and I'm not sure we'd all get along. "

Emma - "Why cause G is grouchy?  Grammy says that Pappy needs happy pills cause he's grouchy too.  Maybe everybody could just take happy pills."

In my head I thought There aren't enough happy pills in all the world! 

Me - "I don't think there is such a thing as happy pills.  I just don't know if we could make it work. "

Emma - "Well wouldn't it be nice to have your mother and father go to Disney with you?"

Me - choking back laughter and fighting a smile "Emma,  it's not really that simple."

Emma - "Yep it is.  Everyone likes each other and we can all be extra nice.  It's for the kids.  Please mommy,  it's my dream to take a real family vacation. "

I couldn't help it I had to laugh.   She was so cute I had to end the conversation.  I felt so bad for her that I told her I would work on it.  SOOOOOOO..... Who wants to go to Disney World?   Grammy? Pappy?  G?  Grampy?   Heck GR and Pappaw Rosebush you should get in on this action too.  This could be fun.   Or at least interesting.   C ' Mon people it's her dream!   Let's do this.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Walk for Wishes Wednesday

    My favorite day of the week!  This week I was asked if I would be interested in helping with the Walk committee and I jumped at the chance.  It's a lot of pressure though, you know Maddie would insist that if I was going to represent her that I put together THE BEST TEAM!  Please help me make her proud and share our story and our cause.
     I've talked out our first experience with Make-A-Wish,  our special treatment at the airport, and our magical accommodations.  Today, I want to talk about our experience at Disney.  Everyone knows that Disney World is the happiest place on Earth but few have experienced the Disney magic combined with Make-A-Wish awesomeness.  We pulled up to the booth to pay for our parking and flashed our little Make-A-Wish and Give Kids The World badges.  The parking attendant welcomed us warmly and asked to see the kids.  She spoke directly to the two princesses and told them that Mickey was waiting.  We were told parking was free and we were directed to the handicapped lot.  We made our way to the Magic Kingdom, a place we knew really well.  When we entered the park we saw Daisy Duck and Emma begged to see her (because Maddie wanted to see her).  We headed to the end of the line to wait our turn.  We were quickly noticed by a Disney cast member and scolded for standing in line.  She spoke directly to the children and said "Sweet princesses, this is your kingdom while you're here.  You're special button tells us that you are royalty and you don't have to wait in line."  From that point forward we were ushered through every line,  given extra time with every character, and everyone played along with the princess charade.  Maddie was never excluded from anything because she was in a wheelchair, and THAT was a huge deal.  We laughed A LOT! We played A LOT!  The one thing we did not do was worry about anything!  We were allowed to forget for a little while that our daughter wasn't "normal".  That's exactly what Make-A-Wish does; it allows families to escape sickness, disability, and worry for a short period and enjoy just having fun.

Please find it in your heart to give to our cause.  Help us pay it forward.  You can use the link below to make a donation or sign up to walk.  Please share this everyone you know!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Her Last Hope

     One of my little Rosebushes has a really hard time with the difference between needs and wants.  She decided yesterday after church that she "NEEDED" new shoes.  I explained to her that her tennis shoes where not that old, they still fit, and were in good shape and therefore she would not be getting new shoes at this time.   She had other plans.
    When we got home from lunch after church she asked for my cell phone.  She know how to work it better than I do so I gave it to her and she informed me that she was calling G.   She found my mom's number and hit the call button.   When G answered this is what I heard.
"G will you buy me new shoes?"
"Mom and Dad said no."
"I need new shoes because my shoes are getting too small, they're dirty, they have a tiny tear in the front, AND Macie just got new shoes.   PLUS Jax got new tennis shoes a few weeks ago and new Sperry's yesterday.   I got NOTHING!"

I couldn't hear the other end of the conversation but I assumed my mom was laughing at her but Emma's manipulative magic was somehow probably working.  The conversation continued.

"Well if you buy me shoes I'll buy you some.  Just come get me.  I'll bring my wallet."

In a side whisper Emma asked me if she could have $80; presumably to buy G's shoes.

"Listen G, you're my only hope.  Mom and Dad said no.  Grampy is out of town or I'd ask him.  You're the only one close enough to come get me and buy my shoes.  I need them.  PLEASE!"

Now I was certain that my mother was laughing and that she was probably on her way.  Emma continued to work her magic,  and suddenly there was a knock at the door. Who could it be???

"G!  I knew you'd come!"

It worked!  How in the world did that sob story work?  I'm certain that if I called my mom and asked for new shoes that I would get a no, maybe even a hell no!  Grandkids get away with a lot; especially when they know exactly what buttons to push!

Emma got her new pair of shoes yesterday.  They are pink just like Macie's.  She also reminded me last night that G cares about her and I clearly do not.  G came to her rescue and she specifically thanked God for G and her shoes when she said her prayers last night.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Walk For Wishes Wednesday

It's Wednesday and you know what that means.  I get to tell you how amazing Make-A-Wish is.  Last week I told you about our flights and celebrity status and now I want to tell you about our arrival at our home away from home.  We stayed at a place called Give Kids the World.  GKTW is a village built on one man's dream in order to give wish families a place to stay and play on their wishes.   The place unbelievable!   GKTW works with several wish granting organizations and is not directly affiliated with Make-A-Wish.  They run almost entirely by volunteers.  Check out their website for more information about their mission
On our trip we were greeted at the airport by a volunteer holding a sign with Maddie's name on it.  We were given detailed instructions on how to get to the village, help with luggage, and walked to our waiting rental car.   When we pulled up to the security gates at the village the first thing the security guard said to us was "welcome home."  GKTW wants the village to feel like home for everyone there and they go out of the way to make it feel comfortable.   The kids were also given a giant stuffed Mickey Mouse when we checked in. We were given a tour of the village which includes an arcade, putt putt golf, a castle, an awesome pool area, a gingerbread house where meals are served, and most importantly an ice cream parlor that opens at 7 am.  Every family is encouraged to have ice cream for breakfast at least once during their stay.  We may have indulged more than once!  Everything in the village is free and tips are never accepted.  The families NEVER pay for anything.  We were given a book that detailed the village events because everyday they have special things going on.  After the grand tour we were taken to our villa.  The outside of our villa looked like something from a fairy tale.  It was brightly colored and whimsical.   The inside of the villa was large and spacious with a full kitchen, two bedrooms, a big living area, a large handicapped roll in shower big enough to qualify for a bedroom itself and a jacuzzi tub.   The pantry and fridge in the villa was already stocked with some goodies for us too.  The kitchen table also had some surprises for the kids and everyday when we returned from our adventures we would find that the wish fairy left the kids gifts.  To say that this place is magical doesn't even do it justice.
     Every week the village celebrates Christmas; complete with a Christmas parade, Santa, and even snow.  The gingerbread house even serves a holiday meal. We couldn't wait until it was time to celebrate Christmas.  We ate our Christmas meal, watched the parade and then it was time to see Santa!  This is one of those moments that makes the village so special.  While we were waiting in line to see Santa; Maddie had peed through her diaper.  I didn't want her to get Santa wet so I told him that we would just take her picture next to him in her chair.  Santa said, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!   Every child sits in Santa's lap!  It might be the only time some of these kids can sit in Santa's lap.  We'll get a towel and I will hold her."  I told Santa that wasn't necessary but he insisted.  He explained to me that he wanted every child to have that experience at least once and that's why he volunteered.   Santa did hold my baby girl that night and she loved it. It was truly a memory that I will not forget.   Of course no Christmas would be complete without presents! Every child gets to pick out a brand new toy from their giant toy closet.  You can imagine the excitement there.
     I could go on and on about the village but I won't.  I'll save some for another time.  What I do want to remind you is that Make-A-Wish made our trip possible  They set everything up for us.  They made sure we could experience this one of a kind magical place.  Please help us spread the magic and support Make-A-Wish financially.   Our family is walking in the Walk for Wishes this summer in honor of Maddie.  I invite you to join us by clicking the link and joining our team.  If walking isn't possible please consider a donation.  Share this with everyone you know because every penny we collect helps grant wishes! JOIN OUR TEAM OR MAKE A DONATION