Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wake Up Call

It's summer time and the little Rosebushes still like to get up early.  Sometimes they get up extra early and find amazing ways to  wake me up.  This was one of those days!

I was laying in my bed this morning presumably having sweet dreams.  I felt a little tug on the covers and the bed shift with the weight of another human.   In my sleepy haze I heard a tiny giggle and 2.5 seconds later a 28 pound bundle of crazy launched himself onto me and shouted "GOT YOU!"  I glanced at the clock which read 4:34.  I grumbled.  What on the world has him up at this ungodly hour?  I rolled over to look at him only to discover that the little spider monkey was COMPLETELY NAKED.  No pajamas.  No diaper.  No anything!   When he saw my face he smiled and said "I'm naked!"  He stood up to get in a few good bounces on my bed in all his naked glory.   I asked,  "Why are you naked?"  His simple response was "I peed."
Oh well that's a simple enough explanation. Hold on.... you peed?



Oh for the love of Pete where did you pee?

Please don't let it be on my bed!

Sometimes when you say you peed you really mean you pooped.

Oh God please don't let it be poop.   Not at 4:34 AM.

Suddenly my sleepy haze was gone and was replaced with mom panic.   I sprang into action.  Literally!

I first examined the naked little person bouncing on my bed.  Whew, no sign of poop!  Now I just need to go on a search and rescue mission for the missing clothes and di aper.  I scanned my room and didn't see it so it must be in his room.

My sleepy feet hit the floor and down the hall I went.   I didn't get far before my toe hit a puddle on the hardwood.   I flipped on the hall light to find  a trail from his room to mine.  

I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned up the trail and continued to his room.  Right there in the middle of his bed was a peepee filled diaper and a pile of  wet pajamas.  

I guess he didn't like the wet diaper or clothes so he decides to handle the situation in his own two year old way.

I cleaned everything up and quickly diapered and clothed my little nudist.  Since his bed was wet I fixed his pillows the way he likes them and snuggled with him in my bed.  I put on some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and back to sleep we both drifted.    

Everyday is a new adventure in the Rosebush house.  I just wish they happened during normal business hours.  

Now I have to go wash some sheets....

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