Sunday, June 1, 2014

Burning Questions.

It's finally summertime and in the Rosebush growing business it's a really exciting time.  The little Rosebushes thrive during summer.  Now that Mr. FixIt has finally sorted out the pool situation the Rosebushes can stay thoroughly watered.    A few days ago Emma and I were out by the pool and she was swimming.   I refused to get in the pool because it is still pretty cold but I sat on the deck and watched her.  As she was swimming she was pretending to be a mermaid.   She swam in circles.   She did belly flops and back flops.   She floated around.  She sang Little Mermaid songs.  I enjoyed watching my little mermaid play now that she is  getting big enough to swim on her own.  As she was swimming along like Ariel she had an interesting question,  that led to more questions and a very funny discussion.  

E - "Mom,  how do mermaids pee amd poop?"

Me - "Ummmmmm.... I'm not sure."

E- "They don't have a butt or a 'ba-china'. "

Me - "I know that."

E- "So do they pee through their tail?"

Me - "Em, I seriously have no clue.  I've never given it any thought."

E - "Do you think Google would know?"

Me - "Doubt it.  Mermaids aren't real you know. "

E - "Ummmmm, I don't know about that.   8 think you might be wrong. While we're on the subject of mermaids, how do they have babies?"

I started to worry where this conversation was going.

E - "I mean do they lay eggs like fish or do they get them out of their bellies like people? How would they get them out of their bellies anyway? "

Me - "Emma, honestly I DO NOT KNOW! I'm pretty sure mermaids are not real."

E - "Yes they are.  I've SEEN Ariel at Disney World.  I bet she could answer my questions."

It was clear to me that no matter what I said I was going to lose the argument.   Clearly my daughter thinks I'm an idiot.  Maybe she's right because I clearly don't know my mermaid anatomy or anything about their reproduction.

Me - "Perhaps she could Emma.  Next time we go to Disney you can ask her."

E - " I will.  So can we go to Disney soon?   I really need this cleared up."

I love how this kids mind works.   I feel like the whole thing was a ploy to ask about going to Disney World.   It's really important that we answer these burning questions.   So if you know anything about mermaid reproduction or urination please let me know.    

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