Thursday, July 3, 2014

Class Notes

The summer is in full swing in the Rosebush garden. My little Rosebuds are really blooming and keeping me super busy.   I spend most of my days finding ways to entertain them,  it's exhausting mentally and physically but mostly a lot of fun.  I mean who doesn't love a job where you can swim on a daily basis or watch Frozen for the 432,652nd time in your PJ'S, in the middle of the day.  I truly love spending time with my two little nut jobs but some days I feel like I have accomplished nothing.  Today, I grabbed the mail, like I do everyday and in it was my quarterly Bellarmine Magazine.   I enjoy reading about all the things happening at my Alma Mater.  I am a proud Bellarmine Knight.  It's when I get to the Class Notes section and read about all the great things my fellow alumni are accomplishing that I feel really unaccomplished, if that's even a word.  Things like so and so from the class of 2004 was recently promoted to CEO of total world domination, or  Suzy Q. Overachiever has just earned her third doctorate in rocket science; sometimes those really make me feel like I've wasted some serious time and am a giant underachiever.    I'm not trying to knock down or discount my fellow alums achievements in anyway.  I'm just saying the things I have accomplished suddenly seem pretty insignificant.   I thought if I were to write a "Class Note" for my day today it would list the following achievements:
1.  Became a master plumber by skillfully using tweezers to remove toliet paper that had been shoved into the bathroom sink drain.
2.  Promoted to head chef by finally preparing a meal that EVERYONE in the house ate and enjoyed.
3. Squashed a rebellion amongst the natives in order to maintain peace in the land.    Twice.
4.  Received the prestigious award "Best Mom Ever".
5.  Had previously mentioned award rescinded mere minutes after it was bestowed.

So it's clear that I won't ever be a CEO of a major corporation.  I won't make millions of dollars.  I probably won't single handedly change the world.  What I will do is attempt to raise kind,  loving, intelligent,  wonderful little humans that may someday run a major corporation or be a world leader.  I may not use the excessively expensive education that I received at my fantastic university but I wouldn't change what I do for the world.  I love my little Rosebushes and the title of MOM is all I really need.

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