Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation

It seems like just yesterday that Fred and I were sitting the principal's office at Christian Academy telling my high school guidance counselor (now the CAL principal) why Emma should go to CAL. I cried that day!  We'd been there for 2 years already in the preschool program but now we were talking about Kindergarten.  Kindergarten....seriously...real school.... I think I was in denial at that point.  Kindergarten was a far off thing, certainly not something that was going to really happen, and graduation from Kindergarten was not even a blip on my radar.  I guess we were convincing that day because they let her in and I was forced to prepare.  We did our summer reading.  We bought the uniforms and the supplies.  We met the poor soul that was going to be in charge of my wild child for 7 hours every day.  Bless Mrs. Curtsinger's heart!  We prayed just a little for the summer to slow down and for my baby girl to stay a baby just a little longer but without fail August came and so did Kindergarten.
I put on my brave face on that sunny August morning and dressed blondie in her uniform.  She was so ready for this new adventure.  She was so eager to learn to read, write, make new friends, and grow up.  This momma on the other hand was not ready.  It was really just yesterday that the doctor handed Fred and I this fat cheeked, blond headed, bundle of baby.  How did we end up here again????  I walked her in.  I took some pictures.  She kissed me goodbye and took her place at her big kid desk.  We were really doing this and I was the only one of us that seemed bothered by the day.  
Over the past 9 months I have watched her grow so much. She's not only grown physically, proven by the shortening of uniform pants, skirts, and shirts, but she's grown in so many ways.  She's grown spiritually.  She prays daily.  She sings about Jesus.  She loves to read her Bible.  She's become so independent.  She's learned to read.  This one happened overnight, literally!  Okay, maybe not literally, but it felt like it.  She reads everything, including my text messages!  She's gone from my little baby to this grown up little girl in such a short time.  
Tonight my grown up girl put on her little cap and gown,  the first of several in her future I'm sure, and she graduated.  She made it!  We both did!  We survived Kindergarten!  The kids sang songs and recited scripture and were really too cute for words.  As the kids got their "diplomas" the teachers read aloud what each child wanted to be when they grew up.  The answers ranged from teacher and doctor to wrestler and jockey.  My daughter said preacher.  She wants to be a preacher when she grows up because she wants everyone to know about Jesus.  Cue the teary eyed mommy!  We shall see how that changes as she grows but I'm glad that even at 6 she has a heart to serve others.  
This kid pushes my buttons on a daily basis but I am so very proud of her.  I am thankful that I was chosen to be her mommy.  First Grade here we come.  
I've decided to share a few pictures from this school year.  They are in chronological order from August through now.  It's amazing to watch the changes in all the kids.  

The class at the beginning of the year.  


Twins Day


BFF and Partner in Crime Macie
I hope we get to take a similar picture in 12 years when they get to high school.  

BFF and also partner in crime Ellie
These two kids are already running cons on me.  

Mrs. Curtsinger - She also survived the year!  

Mrs. Carson the Principal and also my high school guidance counselor.  
She said I made her feel old.

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