Friday, July 8, 2016

School has been out for over a month and in another month school will start again.   Time flies when you're having fun I suppose.
One month from today is the back to school drop in at the kids school. We will be dropping off the supplies and meeting teachers. I know the teachers that Jaxon will have because they've been around awhile.  They all know him as well because he's been in the preschool program for awhile. Emma's teacher on the other hand is a complete wildcard. I know nothing about her. I feel like I should greet her with a gift.  You know,  welcome to the best second grade class of your career kind of thing. We love our school because many of the kids have been together since they were 3. They have grown up together. This means going into a new grade with a new teacher it's usually the whole class vs. the teacher before she even knows it. This year is particularly exciting for Emma because this poor teacher will have Emma, her BFF Macie, and BFF Ellie in the same class.   This is the first time the three amigos have had the same teacher since they were 3.   This should be fun. I am only a little concerned about this.  You see, I once witnessed Emma and Macie lead a revolt against their soccer coach over a water break. They led the team in protest and poor Coach Terry knew he'd met his match in those little girls. Emma and Ellie have been in TKD so long together their hands should be registered as deadly weapons.  They constantly try to one up each other in a funny 7 year old way but if someone else tries to pick on the other they team up together.     The three of them already know everything about everything and they will gladly tell you this. Most of the time they're pretty convincing too.    
In all seriousness,  it's really great to be part of a small school and watch the same kids grow up year after year. It's fun to watch their group dynamics change and grow. They are a tight knit little group. All of the kids are growing up to be kind, compassionate, well spoken, and opinionated little people.  Given all the negative things going on in the world at this time it's my hope that one day these kids could change the world.   So I'll pray for this new teacher. I'll pray for wisdom to fill their little heads with knowledge. I'll pray for strength because she's going to need it. I'll pray for her spirit as she guides these sweet kids in God's word. Last,  I'll pray for patience because they will test her.   She's  helping to shape to future so may God bless her and protect her, as well as all teachers everywhere this school year.

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