Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Happy Wednesday!

I'm not sure how you kicked off your day but mine started with a psychotic screaming 4 year old that didn't want to go to school. When I asked why he didn't want to go, his response was that it was stupid.     He said he wanted me to go away so he could sleep!  He screamed like I boiled him in acid and ran around the house. I wrestled him into his shirt and shorts. He promptly removed them. I finally got his shirt back on but he refused pants, socks, and shoes. I gave up and had Fred carry the little lunatic to the car. He had to fight him into the car seat and that took about 5 minutes of blood curdling screams. I'm sure my neighbors loved us this morning!      Finally, about halfway down the street my half dressed kid calmed down and admitted defeat.   Once we got to school he was a happy guy and we could finish getting dressed!  He went into school like nothing had happened. Seriously this kid hates mornings. 

I thought, wow my day can only get better from here.  Right?  Well my work day was pretty uneventful. Which in my line of work is unusual and a welcomed change. Time passesd quickly until it was time  to pick up captain grumpy pants from school. I headed out to pick him up and my normal 5 minute drive turned into 25 minutes each way. I really don't know what they're doing on St. Andrew's Church Road but it needs to get done quickly because this detour is ridiculous!   When I picked Jax up he wanted to go to GG's house. When I informed him I had other plans the banshee returned. He screamed, cried, and yelled most of the way home. Yay!  

In a wonderful turn of events GG got home earlier than expected and invited grumpy over so he didn't have to endure another one of Emma's taekwondo classes.   This gave me some welcomed one on one time with my #1 girl. We had a dinner date to McAllister's (where kids eat free M-Th after 4pm) before heading to TKD.   As we were leaving we walked out the front door and headed to the car. Hold on, where's the car?  Oh crap, someone's stolen my car!  Emma taps me on the side just before my panic really kicks in and reminds me that we parked on the side of the building and went in the side door. Ooohh, duh, I knew that!  False alarm!  Who misplaces their car?  Apparently, this girl!  

After TKD I got to my mom's to pick up Jaxon. When I get there he is firing on all cylinders.  He's bouncing off the walls and super loud. I notice he's drinking some sort of red liquid. My mom says, in a very serious voice, "I just gave him Hawaiian Punch. There's no caffeine in that.  I don't know why he's so wired."  Ummmm because one cup of Hawaiian Punch contains about 57 cups of sugar!  Ok maybe not 57 cups, but a lot of sugar!    Oh boy this should be fun to settle down!  

We get home and the kids do their usual fighting routine until I send Emma to bed and take Jax to the bathroom to brush his teeth.   As I am brushing the 57 cups of sugar off of his teeth he attempts to tell me something. I didn't understand much of what came out of his toothpaste filled mouth but it must have been funny because he started to laugh. In his hilariousness he managed to spit toothpaste right in my eye. Have you ever had toothpaste in your eye?  Let me tell you that it BURNS!  It burns like nothing I've ever felt.   Water doesn't help, it just spreads the burning out. Eventually after water, rubbing, some tears, more rubbing and more water the burning subsides. If I'm blind in the AM we can blame the sensodyne.   

FINALLY,  I get the sugared up little monster to bed and can find a few minutes of peace. I actually have some work from today left to do BUT I'd rather share my day with you. I hope this made you smile and now I'm going to bed. Looking forward to what craziness tomorrow will bring. 

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