Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Emma vs. The Mormons

Yesterday I decided to expand the minds of my growing little Rosebushes.   It was a rainy gross day so we went to the library.  I know you're probably laughing already because what could go wrong with my two kids at the library.   You just never know with my little Rosebushes.
As we entered the library I noticed a group of young gentlemen dressed in crisp white shirts, black pants,  black ties, and their Latter Day Saints  name tags.  Emma dropped her books in the book return and we headed back to the children's section.   I made the mistake of making eye contact and casually smiling at one of the young men.  That's when he decided that he was going to the opportunity to tell me about Jesus. Jax was about to lose his cool in the stroller so I honestly wasn't listening to what he was saying.   I was just about to politely cut him off when my little blond Rosebush piped up.
Emma - "Oh we already know about Jesus. I go to Children's church at Beechland Baptist so I'm good.   Thanks. "
She promptly turned and walked off to the children's section very matter of fact.    She took about five steps and turned to make sure  I was coming behind her and  continued on.
I wasn't sure what exactly I should say to the poor missionary guy who just got put in his place by a well spoken five year old. He honestly looked completely shocked that he'd been out "missionaried" by a preschooler.  I simply smiled, shrugged my shoulders, and followed Emma.  As we walked away Jax smiled his goofy smile, waved, and said "byyyeeeee".
Part of me was mortified that Emma would speak to a stranger so rudely.   The other part of me was astounded by what she said. After replaying the conversation in my head I realized that she wasn't intentionally being rude she was just very certain of something she already knew.  I was maybe just a little bit proud of her and A LOT thankful for the Children's Church at Beechland Baptist!   I guess she absorbs more than I realized.
I will let her handle all door to door Jehovah's witnesses too from now on.

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  1. This is a very hilarious post. Thank you for sharing. :)