Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Park

    If you want to raise healthy, happy Rosebushes outside time is imperative.   It also helps to keep mommy from going crazy.   The weather is slowly getting warmer so visits to the local park will become more frequent.     We visited the park today and maybe I was in a bad mood but there were some things that really got under my skin.
1.  Adults that spend more time on their phone than watching their kids.   If you bring a child to the park you are responsible for what that child does.   If your kid is "that kid" that keeps pushing my kid or saying the most rude and inappropriate things I expect you to deal with it.   While I would never let a child get hurt it is not my job to keep your kid from jumping off the playground equipment.   WATCH YOUR KID!  You might be surprised what fun you'd have if you put down the phone and played with your kid.  
2.  Adults that hang out at the playground and have no children.  Let's face it if you hang out near a playground and you don't have kids that makes you creepy.  I will go out of my way to keep my kids far away from the creepy people. 
3.  People who smoke on the playground.   Seriously,  I have no problem if you smoke but don't do it where my kids play.  I work very hard to keep my children's lungs healthy and you should do the same for your kids.  You have 2 options.  One, go smoke away from the kids, which could put you in danger of violating pet peeve #1.  Two,  put the cigs away for a bit while you're at the park.  How long are you going to be playing anyway?   One hour maybe two?   If you can't go an hour without a smoke then good luck being gainfully employed or living to see you're grandkids grow up.  One other thing on this subject,  please DO NOT throw your cigarette butts on the ground where my kids play.  It's gross!
4.  People who don't clean up after their dogs.   If you bring your dog to the park and he takes a godzilla sized poop three steps from the playground I expect you to pick up that crap.  Would you want your kid stepping in dog poop?  No!  PICK UP THE POO! Today I suggested that to a man who was letting his dog poop everywhere and he looked at me like I was insane and replied "What would you like me to do with it? If he's gotta go he's gotta go."  My response was "a responsible dog owner would know that dogs poop so would be prepared with bags to pick it up."   He gave me blank stare and walked off mumbling.   I later heard him call his kid a "stupid lazy ass" so I'm thinking he's probably not the brightest guy and didn't learn anything from our little convo. 
5.  People who come to the park and smell like marijuana.   Do I really need to explain why this bothers me?  Two reasons.  One, if you're high you can't watch your kid.   Two,  if you still smell like weed you've likely smoked it in the presence of your kids and that is down right criminal.   Enough said.  
6.  People who drive like maniacs in the parking lot.  It's a park where kids play why to you need to drive 60 in the parking lot.  What if a little kid gets away from his mom and runs into the parking lot and you mow him down because your speeding?  It only takes two seconds for an accident to happen.  Slow down and be mindful of the little ones.  
    I'm not a perfect parent, far from it.  My kids can sometimes be "that kid"  but I try very hard to address that when I see it.  All I'm asking is that people work together to keep our parks nice, our kids safe, and hopefully we can all raise happy, healthy little humans.

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