Thursday, March 13, 2014

Family Vacation.

    Growing happy  healthy Rosebushes takes a lot of work.   I am constantly chasing them around making sure they don't cause themselves or each other harm.   I make sure they are fed and washed.   I do their laundry,  their dishes,  and clean up no less than 1000 messes per day.  I plan activities for them.   I host play dates.   I read 75 stories per day.   I referee 263 pointless brother/sister squabbles. I get tired and need a break.   I think the kids get equally as tired of me and beg for a break.   That's usually when the grandparents come in!  Emma calls the grandparents and asks to come visit or be rescued.  It usually works too. Lately however she has been begging for a vacation of a different kind.

Emma - "Hey mom.  I want to go to Disney World."

Me - "Me too baby girl.   You better get a job first though.   Disney is expensive. "

Emma - Brow Furrowed "Ummmmm,  you are the adult and you don't work.   So YOU better get a job!"
Typical Emma!

Emma - "Can we take G and Grampy to Disney?"

Me - "We could ask."

Emma - "I really want to take Grammy and Pappy too.  Janie and Gillian would come too and take me to do things. "

Me - "I don't know if we could all go together.   That's a lot of people and I'm not sure we'd all get along. "

Emma - "Why cause G is grouchy?  Grammy says that Pappy needs happy pills cause he's grouchy too.  Maybe everybody could just take happy pills."

In my head I thought There aren't enough happy pills in all the world! 

Me - "I don't think there is such a thing as happy pills.  I just don't know if we could make it work. "

Emma - "Well wouldn't it be nice to have your mother and father go to Disney with you?"

Me - choking back laughter and fighting a smile "Emma,  it's not really that simple."

Emma - "Yep it is.  Everyone likes each other and we can all be extra nice.  It's for the kids.  Please mommy,  it's my dream to take a real family vacation. "

I couldn't help it I had to laugh.   She was so cute I had to end the conversation.  I felt so bad for her that I told her I would work on it.  SOOOOOOO..... Who wants to go to Disney World?   Grammy? Pappy?  G?  Grampy?   Heck GR and Pappaw Rosebush you should get in on this action too.  This could be fun.   Or at least interesting.   C ' Mon people it's her dream!   Let's do this.  

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