Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Can I get a Do Over?

   Some days go wrong.   Some days are really terrible.   Some days are today.   As usual when the little Rosebushes are involved you never know what's coming.   My day today started with vomit, lots of vomit!   Your day really has nowhere to go but up after another human empties the contents of their stomach on you.   The worst part is that when it's one of your kids you have to remain calm,  not throw up yourself,  and help your baby feel better.   Luckily the puking didn't last all day, so that was a win.
      Here is a list of other events that transpired throughout the day today.  Most of them make me just shake my head and think "only in my house."  Hopefully they will all bring joy to your day.
1.  I spent 10 minutes on a search and rescue mission for 5 little hot wheel cars.  For whatever reason my youngest Rosebush thought it would be a good idea to shove them into the cesspool of dirty diapers otherwise known as the diaper genie.  I was tempted to just chalk them up as a loss but Jax was losing his mind insisting that I get them out.
2.  I realized that we were down to just 2 rolls of toilet paper.   This is a serious EMERGENCY.   My daughter told me not to worry about it that we could just steal some from a public bathroom.  She learned this particular toilet paper replenishment technique from a certain someone that shall remain nameless but you know who you are!
3. I was informed by my 2 year old that I am rude,  more than once.  Apparently turning off the bathwater qualifies as rude in toddler eyes.
4.  I prevented my son from peeing on the dog.  He pulled off his diaper, aimed his boy parts at the dog and announced, I PEEEEEEEE!  I saved the sleeping dog just in time but my carpet took a direct hit.
5.  While giving Jax a bath I turned my back to retrieve him a towel from the closet.  I turned back around in time to see him dump an entire bucket of water onto the bathroom floor.

That was my day.  Sometimes the craziness gets to me but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.  I love my kids and I'm so lucky I have the opportunity to spend my days with them.   One day I'll miss the chaos.  One day I'll enjoy telling Jaxon's future bride about the time he tried to pee on the dog.

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