Monday, March 10, 2014

Her Last Hope

     One of my little Rosebushes has a really hard time with the difference between needs and wants.  She decided yesterday after church that she "NEEDED" new shoes.  I explained to her that her tennis shoes where not that old, they still fit, and were in good shape and therefore she would not be getting new shoes at this time.   She had other plans.
    When we got home from lunch after church she asked for my cell phone.  She know how to work it better than I do so I gave it to her and she informed me that she was calling G.   She found my mom's number and hit the call button.   When G answered this is what I heard.
"G will you buy me new shoes?"
"Mom and Dad said no."
"I need new shoes because my shoes are getting too small, they're dirty, they have a tiny tear in the front, AND Macie just got new shoes.   PLUS Jax got new tennis shoes a few weeks ago and new Sperry's yesterday.   I got NOTHING!"

I couldn't hear the other end of the conversation but I assumed my mom was laughing at her but Emma's manipulative magic was somehow probably working.  The conversation continued.

"Well if you buy me shoes I'll buy you some.  Just come get me.  I'll bring my wallet."

In a side whisper Emma asked me if she could have $80; presumably to buy G's shoes.

"Listen G, you're my only hope.  Mom and Dad said no.  Grampy is out of town or I'd ask him.  You're the only one close enough to come get me and buy my shoes.  I need them.  PLEASE!"

Now I was certain that my mother was laughing and that she was probably on her way.  Emma continued to work her magic,  and suddenly there was a knock at the door. Who could it be???

"G!  I knew you'd come!"

It worked!  How in the world did that sob story work?  I'm certain that if I called my mom and asked for new shoes that I would get a no, maybe even a hell no!  Grandkids get away with a lot; especially when they know exactly what buttons to push!

Emma got her new pair of shoes yesterday.  They are pink just like Macie's.  She also reminded me last night that G cares about her and I clearly do not.  G came to her rescue and she specifically thanked God for G and her shoes when she said her prayers last night.

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