Saturday, January 25, 2014

Career Counseling

Fred and I talk a lot about what we really want to be when we grow up. Right now his job is less than ideal and eventually I do want to return to work.  Tonight as we ate dinner Fred and I were discussing some potential career options for him. I guess Emma wasn't pleased with any of our potential ideas so she decided to throw in some of her own.  Here is the list of job ideas she gave Fred.

-Ambulance driver
-Oil change guy
-House builder
-Disney World character
-Person who hands out t - shirts at the Make - A - Wish walk
-Taxi Driver
-Person who gives you your room key at a hotel
-Garbage man

Those are all excellent options. Some don't pay well, some I don't think Fred is exactly qualified for, and some were just down right funny.  When neither of us seemed to like any of her suggestions she came up with one last option.  This one she put a lot of thought into. She was so proud of herself for coming up with it.   This one also happens to be my personal favorite.

-The guy who "teaches" big church each week. (Church pastor).

Right about now, anyone that knows Fred is laughing at the thought of Freddie the preacher and in the back of their minds imagining what that would look and sound like. Although Fred is the son of a preacher man, I don't think the ministry is his calling.

Perhaps Emma has a future in career counseling.  If you'd like her services please let me know.

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