Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Rosebushes are growing indeed.  

I'm with my kids pretty much 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  They do funny things.  They drive me absolutely nuts.  They make messes.  They are unbelievably cute most days.  The one thing that I don't always notice is the fact that they are growing up right before my eyes.  Sometimes life sends you little reminders to stop and take notice,  and since this is the Rosebush kids we're talking about those reminders are bound to be a hoot right?

This morning Jax and I were having our normal cuddle time watching our beloved Kelly and Michael when he got up off of the couch and told me he'd "be back".  He headed off down the hall with a smile.  I waited a few minutes and listened for signs of trouble, when he didn't return in a couple minutes I headed off down the hallway to find him.  I walked down the hall to notice all the doors were closed.  I looked first in his room but there was no Jax.  I tried the bathroom next.  This is what I found when I opened the door.
He had stripped naked with the exception of his socks of course.  He put the pink princess potty seat on the toilet and preceded to sit down and start unrolling the toilet paper.  When I asked what he was doing he relied joyfully "I potty!"  I suppose it might be time to consider potty training. Yes indeed, my baby boy is growing up.

Later in the evening we had to go to an open house for kindergarten at Emma's school.  Yes I said KINDERGARTEN !  How is that possible?  I know she talks like she 15, acts like she's 25, but in my head she's still that fat little baby that I brought home from the hospital.  One day I'm holding this beautiful baby and then next day were talking about how she is going to learn to read. It's hard to believe these two pictures are of the same kid.

At the end of the open house we were talking with one of the teachers after their presentation. The teacher asked Emma what she wanted to be when she grows up. My daughter replies with "Well maybe I want to be a nurse, or a singer, or a witch.  Yeah probably a witch, a witch that sings."  It should be noted that the school we are applying to is an uber conservative Christian school so the witch thing went over like a lead balloon.  Since admission decisions haven't been made I hope she didn't blow it!  I'm sure they were talking about us when we left but hey we're the Rosebushes and that's how we roll.  

Please time slow down.  I'm not ready for my Rosebushes to grow up!

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