Monday, January 27, 2014

It was a boring day...

I've said before that not all of my days are full of catastrophe or comedic genius.  Today was one of those days. We went about our normal routine complete with Monday morning dance dance party on the way to school. Seriously, everyone should make the Monday morning dance party a part of their   Monday morning commute.  It is impossible to have a bad day when you sing at the top of your lungs and dance like crazy in your car.  It also seems to really make the day of the people in the cars around you.
It's these "boring" days that make me realize how truly blessed I am to be able to share everyday with my kids. Today I cuddled a lot with my babies. We napped on the couch while watching cartoons.  I played the board game Sorry with Emma and she won. I'm fairly certain she cheated but that's okay because she was happy.  I played Jenga with a 23 month old. He lost every time mainly because he just liked to knock the blocks over and laugh. I love seeing my kids laugh.  Their laughter is the best sound in the world.
We had dinner around the table as a family.  This is a rarity for us.  Emma said the prayer before we ate. She prayed for our food, thanked God for her mommy, daddy, bubby, and dog.  The best part was before she said amen she asked God to tell Maddie "hi".  My eyes did fill with tears but I didn't dare let her see them.
I ended the day by giving Jax a bath, which he stood up and pee'd in, like he ALWAYS  does. He put himself to bed at 7:30, something he NEVER does.  I expect him to be up at 1:00AM with pee on his pajamas and wanting in my bed, but that will be okay because I love his sweet face.  I snuggled with Emma and watched some TV until she asked to go to bed. She kissed me goodnight and said "I love you mom!  You're the best mom in the world."  She drives me nuts most days but she is my world.
I'm writing about the "boring" day because it's the boring days when I can truly enjoy my children.  It's these days that my kids will remember, even though it doesn't seem like it to them right now.   It's the boring days when I am thankful for my happy, healthy kids.

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