Thursday, January 30, 2014

30 Reasons to Cry

Sometimes the Rosebushes get watered with tears, mostly the kids but sometimes my own.  Today was a day for extra watering.  I don't know what the problem was today but nothing I did seemed to make the natives happy.  Here is a list of reasons we cried today.
1. Emma had to wake up at what she insists is 5:00 AM but in reality is 7:15.  Trust me kid I can relate getting up makes me want to cry.
2.  Emma had to put clothes on.
3.  Emma had to brush her hair.  Everyday she cries over this.
4. Jax had to put socks on.
5. Jax had to put a jacket on.
6.  Jax decided to rearrange the furniture in his room and I didn't like the crib placement.
7. When I picked Emma up from school I had no plans to do anything "fun".  According to my child "going home is not fun".
8. Jax had to get out of the car when we got home from picking up Emma. 
9.  Emma got a Doofenshmirtz go - gurt and Jax got Perry.  She wanted the Perry although the flavor was the same.  
10. Both kids wanted to drink out of this water bottle.   Jax said it was his (after all he did steal it fair and square from his Aunt Jane Wayne). 
11.  There were no more Doritos.
12.  The ipad battery died.
13.  Emma cried for 30 minutes because she is unable to audition for American Idol for another 10 years.  
14.  Jax cried because Emma cried.
15. Emma cried because she wrote the letter J backward and I corrected her.  
16.  Jax was not allowed to play in the dog's water. 
17.  Today was not bath night.
18.  Tomorrow is Emma's kindergarten pre-admissions testing and she was a little nervous.  If I'm being honest this one almost made me cry too because it means this kindergarten thing is really happening. 
19.  Doing hand stands is forbidden in the living room.
20.  Foot stuck in slats of dining room chair.  
21.  Standing on the kitchen counter prohibited. 
22.  I refused to watch the same Sophia the First episode for the 37,000th time.
23.  I refused to watch the same Doc McStuffins episode for the billionth time.
24.  Emma is not allowed to get a tattoo until she turns at least 18.
25.  We're still out of Doritos.
26.  There was a spider in the basement.
27.  Emma can't read on her own.
28. It was bedtime. 
29.  Teeth brushing is mandatory before bed.  
30.  We have to get up in the morning.

I'm sure this isn't an exhaustive list but it's a start.

 Reason #31 is Mommy needs for all the ridiculous crying to stop because she's going to lose her mind!

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