Monday, February 10, 2014

Emma and the Olympics

     Like most of America right now the Rosebushes have been enjoying the Olympic competitions.  We watch all kinds of competitions even things that we didn't know were sports.  Emma really gets into any sport that she watches. Last night she watched some figure skating and danced like a crazy person all around the living room. She even changed into a leotard with a tutu.  She asked me why she could not do those turns and jumps on the ice.  I replied that those women have been ice skating since they were her age and practice every day. That's when he tears started.  She said, "I HAVE been ice skating.  I know how to skate."  For the record she has been ice skating exactly two times and has probably skated about six feet total without holding on to someone or some thing.  I don't think she's ready for triple axles just yet.  She cried and cried because  "she wasn't good at anything."  She sat in the floor in her pink leotard and cried for thirty minutes because "she was never going to be famous and people wouldn't know her name."  She cried so much that at one point Jax looked her and said "STOP IT!"
    I tried very hard to convince her that she was good at lots of things, like singing, dancing, coloring, and most of all being a drama queen.  She continued to cry because she wanted people to know who she is. She "must be famous one day."  I'm not sure when my daughter became this little narcissist.  This little display was very funny but very heartbreaking at the same time.  I started to fear that my child may not feel like she's good enough.  I cuddled her and assured her that at some point in her life she would find the thing that she was really good at it.  She asked me what I was good at and after a lot of thought I told her that being a mommy was what I was good at and it took a long time for me to figure that out.  I also told her that being a mommy would probably never make me famous but I was okay with that.
     She was happy after our talk but then ski jumping came on! The water works started AGAIN.  She thought that ski jumping looked like fun and wanted to know how she could learn to do it.  At this point I've given up.  If anyone knows how my daughter could get started as a professional ski jumper please let me know.  Better yet, if you can make her famous that would be even better.

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