Wednesday, February 26, 2014


      It's Wednesday and that means I get to write about one of my favorite organizations and my family's experience with them.  The Make-A-Wish foundation granted my Maddie's wish and since then my family has worked very hard to give back to them.  We are going to form the biggest and best walk team  we can with a goal of raising $6000.  That is the average cost of granting one child's wish.  Mark your calendars for June 7, 2014 and get ready to start raising money!
     Make-A-Wish works very hard to make sure that every aspect of your trip is taken care of from flights and cars to meals and spending money. They give each family a very detailed itinerary so that all they have to do and think about is having fun as a family. Our trip was no exception.   We were presented with a beautifully decorated folder  full of all kinds of info and a Disney World  travel guide.
We had dates. We had tickets.   We were ready!   We woke up in the wee hours of the morning on November 14th and headed to the airport.   Traveling with a three year old and a handicapped child can be a bit of a three ring circus so I was nervous, and when we arrived at the airport to a line of about 30 people at the ticket counter my anxiety meter was off the charts.   We arrived just as the Southwest Airlines ticket counter was opening for the morning.   We were immediately greeted  by a skycap (who happened to be my great uncle).  He vowed to get us to the gate with plenty of time.  He left us briefly and when he returned I heard the Southwest ticket lady make an announcement. The announcement went something like, "Attention  passengers.   We have a special guest today.   This is Madison and she is going on her Make-A-Wish trip.   She is going to go first today so we can get her on her way.  Thank you for your patience. "  Something surprising happened next. People clapped!  Grumpy,  early morning business travelers actually clapped for us!  We were treated like celebrities everywhere we went that day at the airport, even the TSA people were nice AND helpful!  The flight attendants on our flight safe a big deal about Maddie and Emma.   That was the beginning of a special trip for us.   Our Make-A-Wish celebrity status only gets bigger!   
Please keep Make-A-Wish in your heart and come back next Wednesday for more of our story.  

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