Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

I usually write this blog about my two beautiful children that are here on Earth but today I want to write about my sweet angel girl.  Today was her day.  Super Bowl Sunday was Maddie's third favorite day of the year following only her birthday and Christmas.   You see, football was her thing.  She loved football so much and for the life of me I don't really know why.  When football was on TV her face would light up.  We attended lots of Colts games and anyone who ever had the pleasure of seeing her at a game knew she was in her element.  She was sort of a big deal at Lucas Oil, staff knew her, fans knew her, and the Colts Go-Rillas knew her (if you've attended a Colts game you know who they are).  She made everyone's day when she showed up to watch her team.  I don't think it's a coincidence that Peyton Manning left the Colts once Maddie left this earth.   Just sayin'.
     One of the my most cherished memories with Maddie was a Super Bowl Sunday in 2007.  I remember this game like it was yesterday.  We had been living in Indianapolis for about 6 months.   Fred had to work that February night so it was just me and my girl.  I had been pretty homesick so I watched the game snuggled with my girl.  Our beloved Colts were playing the Bears.  We were dressed in our jerseys and Maddie had every Colts toy she could find for good luck.  Every time the Colts would score I would yell and she would laugh.  The Colts won that game and our team became world champs.  I snapped this picture of her right after they won.
She was laughing out loud.   This game was so special to me because it was just us, just our special memory.   
    The following October we went to a Halloween party in Indianapolis sponsored by the Colts.   We were invited to tour the team's locker room.  In the locker room the Lombardi Trophy was set out for fans to see and to touch.  The trophy rested on a wooden platform surrounded by a glass box with a hole cut in the top.  The hole was to allow fans to touch the trophy but Maddie was too short and could reach it from her chair.  We were content to take our picture next to the trophy,  being in the same room with it was enough for us.  That's when something amazing happened.  A Colts staff member walked over to the box and lifted it off the trophy.  He picked the trophy up and he placed it in Maddie's lap.  They let no one else in the locker room and let Maddie have her moment with a piece of football history.  We never felt rushed, they allowed her to hold it as long as she wanted.  We contemplated making a run for it with the trophy but two linebacker sized fellows standing by the door led me to believe that was a bad idea.   She absolutely loved it.  
Again, a memory that I will cherish forever.  
    Super Bowl Sunday has been rough for the past two years.  I really haven't been into the game.  It's been sad to watch.  This year we decided to get back into the spirit of Super Bowl.  We invited some friends over to watch the game with us.  In true Maddie fashion we all watched the game in sweats.   We ate LOTS of food and laughed quite a bit.  This year the game was horrendous and the commercials weren't much better but we had a good time.  Maddie would have hated this game but would have loved the noise of kids in the house and the sound of everyone having fun watching her game.  
    I love you Maddie girl and miss you always.   

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