Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Impossible

     We've had two snow days so far this week.  Two days that keep us inside and out of our routine.  I've learned in the few years that I've been raising the Rosebushes that the key to happiness is ROUTINE.  The lack of routine or a change in the routine usually sends the little Rosebushes into a tailspin of insanity, especially Emma.
     I've discovered that there are a few things that are impossible to do on a snow day.
1.  Sleep past 7:45
2.  Do anything alone in the bathroom.  When I showered today Jax actually brought his ipad into the bathroom and started watching a movie. Seriously,  he propped it up against the wall and laid down on his belly to watch.
3.  Make a phone call.  I swear they are quiet and playing and the minute I pick up the phone they sense it.  That's when the fighting and screaming starts or that is the only time that Emma is starving to death and absolutely has to have a snack.
4.  Laundry.   They insist on "helping" me.  I spend more time trying to give them directions and redoing what they've "helped" with that I just give up.
5.  Clean anything.   Same reason as #4.
6.  Have any sort of conversation with a 5 year old that doesn't end in tears.  It doesn't matter how the conversation starts or what we're talking about.  It ALWAYS ends in her crying.  Today every conversation made it's way to her wanting to go see her Grammy and Pappy.  She cried for hours about NEEDING to see them.
7.  Reason with an emotional 5 year old after #6.
8.  Remember anything.  I can't explain why,  maybe the ice has frozen my brain, but I seriously can't remember all of the things I need to accomplish today.
9.  Get both kids to nap at the same time.
10.  Use any electronic device.   I attempted to write this blog on the ipad, it was commandeered.   I tried to use my laptop. Jax kept telling me to "shut it".   I grabbed my Kindle.   I was forced to use it to settle an argument.  In case you're wondering I am writing this on my cell phone.   This seems to be the only device that is truly mine.  

 On the bright side I think there are 42 days until spring.   I hope we make it!

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