Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Day

     The weather has a big impact on how you raise your Rosebushes.  It's wintertime and this winter has been particularly brutal on our old Kentucky home.  It seems like we've had snow at least once a week since the year started.  The snow hasn't been the only issue, it's been bitter cold.   It is BAD for the growth of the Rosebushes, and my mental health, when they have to stay inside day after day.  
     Last night Mother Nature dumped yet another pile of snow on us; about 5 inches to be exact.  This morning I awoke to a text message from Emma's school saying they would be closed today!  Woohoo, snow day!  I had hoped the kids would sleep in but those hopes were dashed at about 7:30 AM when Emma pounced on my bed.  Grrrrrr.....why can we sleep in?
     After the Rosebushes were fed and watered and the sun was fully up; Emma started begging to play in the snow.  She always begs to play in the snow but I've been reluctant to let her.  I hate the winter, the cold, the snow, the nasty wet footprints that get tracked into my house after the snow,  and pretty much everything the season brings.  The snow today was very light and fluffy so I decided to stop being a grinch and let the kids play.   We have absolutely no winter weather clothing in our house so I had to get creative.   I dressed the kids in multiple layers, with lots of complaints about wearing more than one pair of pants and socks.  We had no snow boots so I improvised.  I put grocery bags on our feet and duck taped them around our legs.  The result was an amazingly ridiculous looking, extremely effective, and super cheap pair of snow boots.  We completed our ensembles with coats, hats and gloves.  Poor Jax did not have gloves or mittens so he had to wear a pair of his sister's socks on his hands.  He didn't seem to mind though.  As we headed out the door I was skeptical that this was going to be even a little fun.
     Once we hit the snow something amazing happened.  My kids faces lit up.  Jax ran through the snow like a nut job.  It was us very first time playing in the snow.   Emma attempted to build a snowman but the snow was just to fluffy.  She and I managed to build about a three foot pile of snow when Jax came running at it like Godzilla and belly flopped right on the top.  Our hard work was destroyed but we all laughed.  We threw snow in the air,  had a small snowball fight,  and Emma made snow angels.  Jax seemed to enjoy eating the snow.    The best part was their smiles.  I love watching them have fun. Guess what happened next?  This Momma had fun too.
     As we walked in the house Jax was screaming, "SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!"  Emma threw her snow covered arms around me and said, "BEST.DAY.EVER!  Thanks Mom for the playing with us!" Once again I am reminded that these days are so special.  Creating memories with my children is the best job ever.
     Here are a few pictures of our snow adventure.

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