Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Perhaps she's a philosopher.

Raising Rosebushes can be mentally trying at times.   The little Rosebushes and sometimes the big Rosebush really try to test their limits. Maybe it's my limits that they're testing?  Sometimes Emma with have one of this days where she comes up with a thousand questions.  Usually the questions are simple and I can answer her questions with a questions.  After answering question number 475 with a question she gets super tired of my little game and moves on. Today however she was feeling a bit philosophical.  This is our conversation:

Emma - "Mommy if I were an animal I would be a kangaroo."

Me - "A kangaroo huh?"

Emma - "If I were a kangaroo would I have to follow God like people do?"

Me - "Ummmmm.... I'm not really sure how it works with animals."

Emma - "I knew you wouldn't know."

Me - "Thanks Em.  Where do you come up with this stuff?"

Emma - "My brain.   I'm super smart, possibly a genius.  How about we check google."

Me - "I am not  googling that. "

Emma - "We could probably find the answer in the bible."

Me - "I'm not even sure where to find  that in the bible.  I know God created animals I'm not sure if they follow him.  I'm thinking probably not in the same way people do."

Emma - "You just made that up. I'll ask my teacher."

I thought it best to just leave the conversation at that.   Clearly I'm an imbecile .  I'll let my little Plato figure it out on her own.  

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