Friday, February 7, 2014

Just may be doing something right.

When you are raising Rosebushes you learn to expect the unexpected.   Most of the time it's my little diva surprises  me.  As I drove Emma to school yesterday morning we were listening to the radio.  They happened to be talking about how they were collecting Valentine's cards for kids at our local children's hospital.   I was only half listening when she asked me to turn it up.  I turned it up so that she could hear.  This is the conversation that followed.
Emma - "Mom, is that the hospital Maddie went to before?"
Me-  "Yes Emma.   She stayed there several times."
Emma- "Mom are there lots of sick kids there?"
Me- "Yes Emma.   There are lots of sick kids there."
Emma - "If people don't make them Valentine's they won't get any, right? Valentine's will probably make them happy so they will feel better."
Me- "You're probably right Em.  Valentine's will make them happy. "
Emma - "After school cam we go buy some supplies to make them cards?  Can we get glitter?  We have to have glitter.  Glitter makes everyone feel better. Yes, definitely glitter."
Me-  "Yes Emma we can do that if you want."

She was elated that I said yes.  So as promised after school we went to the store and bought paper, markers,  glue sticks and of course GLITTER! When we came come we spent 2 hours cutting hearts, gluing hearts, and glittering everything in sight.  We made a grand total of 15 hand crafted cards.  They were most certainly a labor of love.

Emma's naturally giving and caring spirit truly inspires me.  One of my only goals in raising my Rosebushes, aside from simply keeping them alive, is to raise them to be good, kind, and generous human beings.  It's times like these when I think I just might be on the right track.

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