Monday, February 17, 2014

Which Rosebush am I raising again?

     Every night in the Rosebush house I try to spend a little one on one time with each of my little Rosebushes.  I spend my one on one time with Emma reading atleast one story a night.  Tonight we started a new book of Bible stories.  The very first story was of course the story of creation.  This particular book is written in small words and short sentences so that children can read it.
    Emma and I were sitting on the couch reading and she is very diligently sounding out words.  She is working so hard and is identifying the letter sounds.  She would just about get a word figured out and then I would hear a voice from the floor say the word.  This happens like ten times and Emma is starting to get annoyed.  I try to ignore it and keep Emma focused.  She does a great job and we get through the story.
    I always ask Emma questions about the stories that we read just to make sure she is paying attention to the content and not just the words.   We read the story of creation so I asked Emma to name three things that God created.  She pauses and says, "sky, plants and..."  The voice from the floor says, "people".  The voice from the floor is very proud of himself too.  He got an answer right.  Emma growls and says "I knew that mom! I really did know that. I didn't need help."  I asked her what God said about his creations.   Before Emma can respond, the voice says "it was good!"  This time I couldn't take any more of the interruptions and responded to the voice.  "Fred, you are 36 years old and were raised in the church I am glad that you know the story of creation.  I am also very thankful that you can read.  However, your daughter does not know either of one of those things and it is very difficult to teach her if you won't shut up.  I need her answers,  not yours."   Emma looked at me very seriously and said "Thanks mom,  I will never be able to learn if you're always teaching dad."  Sometimes I'm raising two Rosebushes and sometimes it's three!

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