Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Day Every Mom Dreads.

As my little Rosebushes grow they are bound to make friends.  Watching my Emma make friends and play with them gives me some of the greatest joy as a mom.   Emma has two friends that she calls her BFF's, Macie and Ellie.  I absolutely love both girls.  They  are both so sweet. They are all bossy little divas with a ton of attitude and I love watching 25 year old attitude come out of 5 year old bodies.
Today Ellie came home from school with us for a playdate.   The playdate started off well.  I took the girls and Jax to the McDonald's playplace and everyone had a wonderful time. After about and hour at the playplace the girls said they were hot and ready to leave.  We came home and the girls played in the basement for a while.  Jax tried desperately to play with then but they wanted no part of the pesky little brother.  Poor kid, he just wanted to play with the big girls.  Emma and Ellie decided to escape to Emma's room for a little peace and quiet.  They told me they were going to color and play with Emma's art supplies.  They played quietly for awhile and I tried to keep Jax occupied so he would leave them alone.   Apparently there was some sort of scissor mishap that resulted in a hole in Ellie's sock.  Ellie blamed Emma and Emma denied any responsibility in the sock butchering incident.   Since the truth was probably somewhere in the middle and I clearly wasn't going to get it I simply removed all scissors from the equation and they went back to play.   They quicky abandoned the art supplies and headed back to the basement.
Ellie's dad showed up to pick her about twenty minutes later.  There were a few tears because Emma really wanted Ellie to stay for dinner. In five year old society staying for dinner is a very big deal.  I explained to the girls that the weather was supposed to get yucky and Ellie and her daddy needed to get home before it stormed.  I promised another playdate soon.  Ellie sat on the couch and I helped her get her shoes on.   The girls hugged goodbye and Ellie was off.
After seeing Ellie and her dad out the door I returned to the living room to straighten up a little.  That's when I saw it,  a two inch long, shiny blond lock of hair laying on the couch.  INSTANT PANIC!  The day every mom of little girl dreads is finally here.  She has cut her hair, or worse she may have cut someone else's child's hair.  Since both girls have golden blond hair I wasn't really sure who the lock of hair belonged too.  I called for Emma. When she came upstairs I inspected her hair carefully and it was obvious several chunks of hair were missing. OH NO!!!!!!  Emma claimed that she didn't cut her hair that it fell out.  After a brief  interrogation Emma led me to her room and pulled the remaining evidence from  under her bed.  There it was a pile of blond hair, and it was clear that it was cut from the head of both girls.  OH NO, OH NO, OH NO!  I have allowed the massacre of some one else's child's hair in my house!  BAD MOM, BAD MOM, BAD MOM!!!!!!  I felt horrible telling Ellie's mom what had happened but luckily she was very understanding.   Since neither girl tattled on the other and they took great care to hide the evidence I am certain the hair cutting was a jont venture.    I think Ellie's mom said it best when she said "Hopefully this isn't the beginning of them being partners in crime!"  They aren't even in kindergarten yet, so lets hope this is the only criminal incident!
The three amigos 

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